An insight into Facebook hacking

How to Keep a Facebook Account Safe from Hackers: ABSOLUTE security for a social network site

Facebook is no doubt one of the most famous sites these days for hackers and cyber criminals. This means that people are not safe anymore whenever they use their Facebook account. The hackers on just need single information about you to be able to hack your Facebook account, once they are in, they will access all your personal details and your friends will also be at risk. Over the last months, there were malicious posts such as links and videos flooding over the internet more so in Facebook news feeds and most of these came from your friends. There are ways to secure your social network site and as you read on you will learn more of them.

How is a Facebook account is hacked?

There are various ways a Facebook account is hacked, but the most prevalent and destructive way is through phishing. They can also cause destruction to your account after you have authorized an app or a URL in the news feed. When you mistakenly click on the link or the app, you will be brought to a page that is close to the login page of Facebook. If you will key in your email address and password without checking on the page, you will just give the hacker a full access to your Facebook account. He/she will now have the full access to your account can spread the infection through your friends.

Listen to your instinct

If you saw a post, an app or a URL and you don’t like it, just don’t click it. The problem with people is that they continuously stumble upon the trap of the hackers. A lot of malicious links offer something new and exciting for the viewers like hot news, unbelievable news and others. If you have doubts about the post even if it came from your friend, do not attempt to click it. You don’t know if your friend’s account was hacked too.

Don’t engage in making friends with strangers

Everyone just loves to befriend with a lot of people and it is a fact that you all look forward to a new friend request right? It is just a human nature to be friendly, but it is just also natural to envy someone with hundreds to thousands of friends too in Facebook. Hackers do understand all of these and they are out there to take advantage of the situation and your eagerness to gain more friends. Hackers will send you numbers of fake friend requests and you might be wondering why 3 friend requests? Well, hackers also know that Facebook has this policy that those who have forgotten their password may recover it with the help of their 3 trusted or closes friends.

Don’t give permissions to unknown apps

Facebook is also known for the apps, but most of the apps will require you to give permission before you can access it through your personal details. Though some of the apps can be trusted and they are truly genuine, they need some of your personal details to get started. But there are apps out there that are specially made to just abuse the access from you. Make sure that the app asking for an access is reputable and really came from Facebook.

A few days ago…

how to find facebook password

Quite a lot of Facebook password hacks are available in the world today

A few days ago, Facebook account user Randy received a text message from one of his close friends. The message stated that his friend is wiring money to his hotel in Malta and that he hopes Randy is okay. Randy was flabbergasted. Sure, he was okay. Never better, in fact. The problem is he wasn’t in Malta. He’s never been to Malta. When he received the message, he was sitting on a lawn chair at his house’s backyard, nursing a beer. He was in California. In a span of a few hours, Randy received similar messages from friends and family.

And then there’s the case of Beth. Beth is a senior at the local high school. One afternoon after school, Beth’s mobile phone alerted her to a message coming from Facebook messenger. The message was from one of her classmates and simply contained a question mark. Checking the conversation thread, Beth saw that a message was sent earlier the same day from her account. It gave a link to a video that was described as “scandalous” and “controversial” and supposedly starred her friend. Beth couldn’t have sent the message. But who did?

Examples of Facebook accounts that got hacked

find a facebook password

A lot of Facebook hackers are available in today’s times

The scenarios above are just two examples of Facebook accounts that have been hacked. Somehow, hackers have gained access the those accounts. They went on to impersonate the account holder and sent messages to everyone on their friends lists. The objective of the first one is obviously financial gain. The second one may be an attempt to spread malware.

FB hacks are annoying

how can i hack any facebook account

New Facebook hackers are developed each and every day

Having your Facebook account hacked can be worrisome. You are left wondering what other information the hackers may have gotten from you. It’s definitely embarrassing. How can you explain to family and friends that you are not sending them porn links. In fact, you are not sending them any messages at all. It can also be a huge inconvenience. Suddenly, you have to call everyone you know to warn them against sending you money and whatever else so get you back home from whatever exotic locale you are in.

But before things get even more out of hand, you may want to start implementing steps to get your account back to normal. So your Facebook account has been hacked. Now let’s make sure it doesn’t happen again by following these easy steps.

How to hack a Facebook account

1. Start the ball rolling by going to the Facebook Account Compromise reporting Page.

2. Click on the button that states “My Account is Compromised.”

3. A new page will appear. It will say “Identify Your Account.”

4. Enter your email address, phone number, user name and the name of one of your Facebook friends.

5. Follow the instructions provided to have your account reported as compromised.

6. After following the instructions, your account should be reinstated.

7. Once the account is back under your control, you can reset your Facebook password by going to the “Account Settings” page.

8. Under the “My Account Password” section, click on the link that says “Change”.

9. Now go to the Facebook Privacy Settings page.

10. Click on “Apps and Websites.”

11. Under “Apps You Use,” click “Edit Settings.”

12. Click on the “X” to delete suspicious apps that may have contributed to your account’s being compromised.

As a last step, get in touch with all your friends on your list to alert them that your Facebook account may have been hacked. Include a warning against any links that supposedly came from you. The links could appear on their walls, Facebook emails or even as messages in chat sessions. Indicate that this may have come from hackers with the purpose of getting them to open it. Doing so will compromise their own data as well.

Hacking passwords is easy

Facebook is a very attractive target to many hackers. And with over one billion registered users, it’s a gold mine of information that any self-respecting hacker just cannot pass up. Ideally, you’d want to protect your Facebook account from being hacked from the very start. There are a lot of tips and tricks you can use to thwart hacking efforts. However, sometimes, hackers still find a way to get past your defenses. When this happens, there’s really no use crying over it. The best thing you can do is to immediately take steps to ensure that the damage is kept to a minimum and to tell your friends about it so they won’t be victimized as well.

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